With everyday living costs (and stress levels!) skyrocketing, many people are looking to relocate somewhere where life is much simpler, not so fast-paced, and the dollar stretches further. High on many people’s lists for possible relocation is Panama. But what exactly is it about Panama that attracts so many expats? Why are so many people moving here and loving it? Read on for an insider’s take on the top five reasons you should relocate to Panama.

The lifestyle: Latin America is known for its laid back, relaxed, slower pace of life, and Panama is no different. The people here are friendly, fun-loving, and warm, and in fact, Panama ranks as one of the top 10 happiest countries in the world! People live long and happy lives here, and there’s no reason you can’t too. You can enjoy everything the Panamanian lifestyle has to offer, and chances are it will cost you less.

The weather: Panama’s climate is consistently warm and tropical, year round. The City can get a little humid, especially in the rainy season (May to December), but don’t forget the gorgeous, (and generally much cooler!) island, mountain and beach areas are just a drive away. And keep in mind, the rain generally doesn’t last all day, but comes in short, heavy bursts – so it won’t ruin your plans!

The natural beauty: Panama is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, numerous tropical islands, stunning mountain ranges, diverse temperate rainforests, and abundance of unique animals. Be sure to check out the distinctive architectural attractions as well, such as the World Heritage Listed buildings of Casco Viejo, and, of course, the Panama Canal (which is celebrating its 100th birthday this year).

The economy: When choosing somewhere to relocate, for peace of mind, you’ll want to consider economic stability and growth – and there’s no better place in Latin America than Panama. It’s currently the fastest growing economy in the region, and inflation rates are the lowest in that part of the world, making it the perfect place to do business (and in US dollars).

The conveniences: A rapidly growing country needs the right mix of infrastructure and facilities – and Panama has plenty. The recently opened metro (the first railway system in Central America), runs regularly and efficiently through parts of Panama City – and at just 35c a trip, it’s a bargain. You can catch the train, a 25c (per trip) bus, or (no more than) $4 taxi, and shop-til-you-drop in one of City’s the many shopping malls, featuring international brands. The local and international cuisine is as diverse as it is plentiful, and can be found at prices to suit any budget (when both dining out and cooking at home). And for those wanting to experience a vibrant nightlife, Panama City won’t disappoint! The City is also home to several world-class hospitals offering affordable treatment by internationally trained doctors, should you need it.

Penny de Vine is an Australian who relocated to Panama City, Panama. She has a passion for travel and travel writing, and has seen almost 20 countries across the globe.

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