In a business world in which information is regarded as the most valuable asset, it has become absolutely crucial to keep up with the latest updates, trends, numbers, and goings-on around us. More importantly, it is imperative that we learn how to use it to our advantage and look toward where it can take us. Luckily for you, leagues of pundits, journalists, analysts, bloggers (ahem), and business owners themselves are readily revealing the what’s what of all things business in magazines or journals, online and in print.

Get the lowdown on key financial data, industry trends, global markets, company profiles, and great secrets of success (and failure) featured in business-related reading. Here a couple of magazines that are available in both print and digital media that you can peruse through – let’s get down to business!


Success offers a wide array of interesting topics besides the business-themed Entrepreneur, Marketing and Networking sections (among lots others), branching out into articles on Personal Development and Well-Being. A well-rounded magazine such as this makes sure its readers develop the people and character skills that are just as important as business acumen.


Celebrating its 99th birthday this year, Forbes is a household name for data on mostly North-American businesses. It also offers a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and powerful by not only documenting big companies themselves, but also the faces behind them. Its bi-weekly circulation offers more current content than other publications.


If the tech world and all its cognates excite you, Wired promises to keep you updated on all updates relating to technology and innovation. Along with news on Software and IT, this periodical also features columns on Science, Design and Security, and highlights and reviews interesting gadgets and gizmos, as well as what to keep an eye out for the future.

The Economist

Boasting a loyal global readership, The Economist delves into comprehensive analyses of international economies, as well as business and financial editorials. Trade and commerce are making economic interdependence a reality, and it comes as no surprise that shifting global economies also affect our own. It offers new outlooks into what’s happening in the world we live in, and what to look out for.

Bloomberg Businessweek

If you’re the sort of person who checks the stock market before you go to bed, as soon as you wake up, as well as multiple times throughout the day, then I’m sure you’re already familiar with Bloomberg Businessweek. Lose yourself in the most up-to-date numbers and figures, along with various stock predictions and advice. Read up to make sure you get the best bang for your buck!

CorporateStays.com Magazine

Last, but in no way, shape or form least, CorporateStays.com publishes a range of short reads that encompass all what a business traveler may require, and more. From commenting on the best travel techniques and tips, to making sure you’re all set for your next interview, and introducing you to the cuisine and culture of all the beautiful places we currently operate, our magazine makes sure our patrons are always well-informed.

Whether you’re feeling bullish, bearish, or even a little peckish, this range of magazines will cover it all. Stay ahead of the competition by picking up insightful tips and unique perspectives, or just a new icebreaker for your next networking session!

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