Before heading out on that business trip your boss so gracefully sent you on, make sure you know how to care for yourself while you are on the road. Here are 5 top tips for healthy travelling. Follow these guidelines, and both your immune system and your quality of work will thank you.

Tips For Healthy Travelling #1: Protect Yourself


Travelling on business takes you out of your controlled environment and thrusts you into one that is in constant flux. It isn’t uncommon for frequent business travellers to get accustomed to the new state of things, and that is their downfall. Going from a small office space to the open world invites a torrential downpour of enemies – bacteria. People with colds, coughs, sneezes, and every ailment in between will be making their way past you on your way from your Uber to your plane seat. it is your job to ensure your body’s immune system isn’t compromised. Investing $3.00 in hand sanitizer is one way to protect yourself. Another way is washing your hands thoroughly throughout the day; this is something you should be doing anyway, but it becomes exceptionally important when you are coming into contact, and shaking hands, with a higher number of people, as you do while travelling.

And while we’re on the topic of your immune system, a good night’s sleep can greatly affect more than the performance of your work. A couple hours less could mean falling ill right before that important meeting.

Tips For Healthy Travelling #2: Avoid “Special Meals”

Business travel often has you running around from morning to night. Eating might not always be as accessible as it was at home. you’ll have croissant and bagel breakfasts, fast food lunches, and late night food runs. While you don’t eat this poorly on a regular basis, your new temporary diet is doubly worse. The combination of stress, unhealthy food, and the break in routine will have your body working extra hard to store the food you’re quickly gulping down as fat for later energy use. The only problem is you’re doing a whole lot of sitting down and not a whole lot of moving.
Opt for the salad and soup over the burger. You’ll feel lighter and won’t be hitting any sleep walls out by 3PM. Coffee will be your best friend, but again, opt for some milk instead of the big chains’ sugar infused lattes. Your body will thank you and your mind will be in full gear for those late nights, come what may!

Tips For Healthy Travelling #3: Stay Flexible

Sitting for hours on end doesn’t do your body any good. Now if you have a workout routine, most Corporate Stays apartments grant you access to a gym. But if access to a gym isn’t available to you plan a workout session around not having any equipment. If you’re not one for the gym, a short 15 minute stretch in the morning or just after lunch can make a world of difference when trying to keep yourself in the game and your mind on your work.

Tips For Healthy Travelling #4: Find Your Routine

Despite being dislodged from your day to day routine, it is important to find a balance in your new, temporary travel life. Whether it’s something as small as waking up early every morning and grabbing yourself some breakfast or going so far as structuring a routine that mirrors your life back home, ground yourself. Psychologically, giving yourself even just a bit of control over your situation will make you feel substantially better and reduce the stress that comes with business travel

Tips For Healthy Travelling #5: Have Fun!

And speaking of reducing stress, remember to have fun! Sure, you’re travelling on business but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the city you’re in. Grab a bite at a locally famous restaurant, find that low key coffee shop you just have to try, catch a movie, or go to the spa. It’s incredibly important to carve out some time for yourself. By reducing stress you’ll feel better and by feeling better you’ll work better.
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