How to Maximize Your Productivity While Travelling – Part 1

Sometimes, the term “business travel” can feel like an oxymoron. You invest a bunch of [...]

Your Business Travel Survival Kit

  We hate to admit it but these days, there’s not a lot of glamour [...]

5 Essential Wardrobe Items for Business Travel

Suit: Choose a two-piece suit in something wrinkle-resistant. Merino wool and high-twist yarn are good [...]

Our CEO’s Top Picks For Business Travel Apps founder (and biggest fan) Vladimir De Suarez is a veteran of business travel, and has [...]

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Calgary

Bored on a business trip? Been a tourist in Calgary one too many times? Well [...]

Business Travel Myths Debunked

Sadly the days of first class and unlimited expense accounts are over for most, and [...]

How to Stay Fit and Healthy While Traveling

Many of us are about to board a flight, drive long distances, take cabs, shuttle [...]

Top 10 Airport Hacks for busy business travelers

It’s a lamentable reality that air travel has morphed from a magical, luxury experience into [...]

Business Travel in Style

Getting dressed for a day at the office is one thing, but preparing for a [...]

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