Switching cities? Top things to ask your relocation agency

by | Oct 16, 2014 | City Guides, Lifestyle & Tips

You’ve made the big decision to relocate to another city. This significant life change is usually accompanied by a considerable amount of stress and anxiety as you pack up your family’s life and start over in a new place. Everything from schools, doctors, houses, utilities, insurance and banking will need to be changed. It’s an intimidating to do list for anyone. Using a relocation agency can take the worry and hassle away. If you choose the right agency, a low stress and almost seamless transition to your new city is an achievable goal. Here are a few things that you might want to ask them before you hand over the reins.


1. What do they handle?

Everything related to your move can be handled by the agency. Generally, a relocation agency will assist with things like helping you find a new home, scouting local schools or daycare for kids, providing information on local shops and medical facilities, establishing banking and insurance and helping with navigation of the new city. They will arrange removalists and will have utilities in your old home discontinued and the ones in your new home connected, and may assist with selling your old home too. Some services offer more or less so be sure to ask exactly what is included and be very specific about your needs to ensure they are met.


2. What are the costs?

All those services they perform will cost you. The more you need the relocation agency to do, the more it will cost. Be very clear about what you are getting for the price and ensure all costs are negotiated and finalized before the move. Ask if support provided post-move comes at an additional charge. Be sure how the pricing structure works too – is it a flat price package deal, is it by the hour, or is it per phone call?


3. How much after-move support can I expect?

You will probably need additional support in the first few weeks following the move and you certainly don’t want to be relocated and then left high and dry in a new place. Find out what services are offered post-move. Some companies offer networking opportunities by hosting small events for clients who have recently moved into the same area, so this may be a valuable service if you don’t know anyone in the new city. Also find out how they rectify things that don’t go to plan or do not meet your expectations once you’ve seen them/relocated.


4. References

You will be sharing a considerable part of your life with this agency and your consultant. They will touch almost every aspect of it with their service so you need to make sure they are the right company and agent for you. Ask for references, ask how many moves they have handled, and what certifications and training they have.

Anything that you can ask that gives you the confidence that the agency and consultant know what they are doing will help you feel better about having someone else in control of something so significant.



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