Despite the hordes of tourists who fly South to Miami every year looking for sun, sand, and some other things we won’t mention here, this corner of Florida is also a legitimate business hub for the southern U.S., and you may well find yourself here on a corporate trip, rather than the beach-themed visit you had always dreamed about. Here are a few locations you may need to get familiar with when in Miami for a business trip:

Accommodation: You’ll likely be faced with two choices for accommodation: Downtown or Beach? Of course, we’re biased, because we have some great apartments in South Beach, which is just east of the core downtown business district, and there are so many great restaurants and bars right on your doorstep (well, your trip doesn’t have to be all work and no play, does it?!)


Conventions: The largest convention centre in Miami, this huge indoor area is where you will most likely find yourself if you’re in town for a convention or trade show. It spans 4 city blocks in the heart of Miami Beach, and is close to the historic art deco district and the beautiful sandy beach, if you get a few hours off to explore. It’s around 18 minutes from the airport, and you can find shuttle busses that will drop you there directly.


Networking: If you want to make connections with the Miami business community, there are plenty of local events to seek out while you’re in town. The Meetup group Network after Work organises events in clubs, restaurants and hotels around the city on a regular basis, or you can just go it alone and hang out at these top bars for networking in Miami.  


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