Top Upscale Lounges In Miami

by | Jul 25, 2014 | City Guides, Lifestyle & Tips

Oftentimes the high-energy South Beach nightlife can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those with plans for intimate conversation mixed with a bit of romance. If that sounds like you, then you’ll appreciate this selection of classy, upscale lounges around Miami Beach, which are all about a chill, sophisticated atmosphere.

Haven Gastrolounge: You’ll find a friendly mixture of locals and visitors on the west side of South Beach. This lounge combines cleverly crafted bar bites, a dynamic sound system, and a wrap-around video display. What sets Haven apart from many of the other nearby options is the fact that it hires some of Miami’s top DJs to help turn the dining room into an intimate nightclub. There is even a night owl’s Happy Hour from 2am until 5am, for those who want to unwind a bit longer.

Drunken Dragon: One of the latest tiki lounges in South Beach offers sublime food and exotic drinks. The Drunken Dragon’s combination of classic Mai Tais with Korean BBQ hits the spot. Combine the eclectic Asian menu with drinks that have fresh fruit juices, curacao, and rum, and you have a winning combination. For those who like DIY appetizers, the prime hibachi tables allow you to grill your own meats and veggies.

Vue Terrace at the Hotel Victor: Amongst the bustle of Ocean Drive, the Hotel Victor offers a peaceful surrounding that you can’t get at most other places in the neighbourhood; this isn’t the average Ocean Drive-type venue. It is directly adjacent to the Versace Mansion as well. Guests can take in the sultry South Beach atmosphere while relaxing on sun beds.

Martini Bar at the Raleigh Hotel: The Raleigh Hotel is a sophisticated Art Deco hotspot. Jazz in the background, classic barstools, polished wood finishes, and terrazzo floors. Even for non-guests, the Martini Bar is an essential stop in South Beach: it’s as intimate as it gets. There is a nice wine selection and a full-service bar, but as you probably guessed, the specialty is the martini. The menu offers more than ten different flavours, including the celebrated Raleigh Martini. You do want to dress to impress, because you never know who you’ll be running into here.



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