Vancouver is both a creative and business capital of the  Canada’s West Coast. So it should not come as a surprise to you when the call comes in for you to relocate there. But where do you settle down and call home within Vancouver? And once settled, which neighbourhoods should you frequent to maintain your current lifestyle? With more important things to settle before your move, we’ve compiled a list of must-knows to ease your transition to Vancouver. Here is a practical neighbourhood guide for when you’re relocating to Vancouver.


First things first, CorporateStays.com apartments are located in 2 neighbourhoods. The first is Vancouver’s downtown core. The downtown area is close to all things business, so depending on your clientele or company, there’s a good chance you’ll be within walking distance of work from your apartment. This makes mornings more manageable and puts you right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of day to day Vancouver. The second neighbourhood is in the city of Richmond, a small area just south of Vancouver across the Frasier River. If the busy city life isn’t your cup of tea, being just far enough from the action to switch off at the end of the day might be a better option for you.


All work and no play will drive anyone mad, which is why you can rest easy knowing you’re in for a treat. Vancouver has a bustling nightlife that must be taken advantage of. The West End neighbourhood is where you’ll find Denman Street,  home to the major food attractions in the city. If pubs are more your scene after a long workday, the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood is where you’ll likely find yourself. And if you’d rather be surrounded by a younger crowd, grab yourself a cocktail in the Gastown neighbourhood.


Maybe you’re relocating with family, or perhaps you just prefer a more low-key living environment. Vancouver is also extremely family friendly and accommodates for a diverse range of lifestyles. Riley Park is where you’ll find a selection of unique boutiques, local grocers, and family-friendly restaurants. In the neighbourhood of Dunbar, you’ll find lots of greenery, serene parks to stroll through, and the always convenient Dunbar shopping area. You’ll also find a local golf course if that’s more your speed. And in Grandview, you’ll find the Commercial Drive, a collection of organic restaurants, boutiques, all in an eclectic atmosphere.


Heading out for drinks is a must, as Vancouver’s cocktail scene is among the most prolific in Canada. In Gastown you will find L’Abattoir The DiamondThe PourhouseNotturno, and Pidgin. All are within walking distance of each other and offer a diverse selection of atmospheres to enjoy the end of a day or to have a quick meeting over drinks. If it’s sushi you crave, Vancouver will help you to knock a few items off your foodie bucket list. Miku is unparalleled in its selection of fresh and delectable sushi. Walk in, sit by the bar, and get ready for a life-changing experience you can only find in Vancouver. This is some of the best sushi this side of the Pacific.
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