Relocating to Halifax or any city for business is a great adventure and a challenge, but you don’t need to worry, your company could always make it easier for you. It’s always recommended to at least have an idea of the general aspects of a place you will be moving to, therefore; you will be experiencing Halifax’s lifestyle very comfortably.

Where should it be located? Which are the best neighborhoods? Where will I find the local market? Should I house at the monthly apartments of Halifax? These are some of the most common questions you or your employees may have. So, here’s some great information any person should know when relocating to Nova Scotia’s capital.

Halifax is a multicultural city full of amenities, interesting things to explore, world-class experiences and stunning sunsets. The people are very friendly, the ocean views are spectacular, and with plenty of activities to do. This diverse and beautiful city welcomes thousands of highly skilled young professionals and it provides something for everyone.


Halifax is a multicultural city full of amenities and interesting things to explore


Business environment


The city has a very entrepreneurial vibe with an established and diversified business community. Its excellent infrastructure, strategic location, key transportation network and its varied industry create a good environment for business.

You should probably already know that Halifax is a great city for business, that’s why you or your employees are moving to it.

Now, let’s start talking about fun activities the city has to offer.


Be prepared to get some Canadian history and culture


The city was founded in 1749, this makes it one of the oldest Canadian cities with a long history to know and great places to visit, therefore; you don’t want to miss visiting the Citadel National History Site of Canada. It is considered one of the most iconic attractions in Halifax.

Also, you should not forget that two of the most famous Nova Scotia Museums are located in Halifax. Plus, if you ever consider studying, there are some great universities with high-quality education as well.

In a nutshell, Halifax is a contemporary city and a significant cultural center, an eclectic mix of old and new that will delight you.


Two of the most famous Nova Scotia Museums are located in Halifax
Two of the most famous Nova Scotia Museums are located in Halifax


You’ll taste the best seafood


Halifax is surrounded by water. This proximity to the ocean means that you will never be far away from magnificent beaches and, without a doubt, the best seafood. You’ll find world-class restaurants for all tastes near the furnished apartment buildings. Here’s the Narcity list of 19 seafood restaurants you need to try at least once while you live in Halifax.

You’ll live with some of Canada’s kindest people in an international hub

Halifax attracts visitors and new residents from all over the world. Also, the city has some of Canada’s kindest people always happy to provide help when you need it. That makes Halifax a fantastic place to live in a great community, meet interesting people and make friends.


Where to get provisions?


Coffee shops, restaurants, stores and farmer’s markets are everywhere. Each neighborhood in the Halifax Regional Municipality is totally different, so you have so much to explore and places to get some incredible provisions.

Head out your door to the Halifax Harbour Boardwalk and stroll down to the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market, a year-round venue for all of the best local food and art & crafts that Nova Scotia has to offer.

For an evening out, head onto Lower Water street and just across the street from Bishop’s Landing you’ll see Cut Steakhouse, serving one of Halifax’s most upscale and tasty steaks, as well as some great seafood and vegetarian options. Or, if high-end Italian restaurants are more your style, find daMaurizio’s, a Halifax epicurean institution, in the Brewery Market – after a pit stop to the Alexander Keith’s Brewery.


You must to explore places the incredible provisions
You must to explore places for incredible provisions


Settle Your Accommodation


You can find short term apartments for rent and housing anywhere. Be sure to get one that’s furnished and close to Downtown Halifax, or your office and transportation network.

At Corporate Stays, we have a wide range portfolio with the best accommodation in Canada. We provide great locations in the heart of Halifax. Fully furnished apartments with complete amenities to make you feel right at home, whether you’re traveling with colleagues or your families.

There’s so much more to explore in this great city and we are sure you and your employees will fall in love with the Halifax lifestyle!

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