Relocating to Ottawa: What you absolutely need to know!
Relocating to Ottawa can be daunting for many, mainly because you might not know much about it. Is it old or new? How are the people there? Is business booming or stagnant? And the biggest question of all: Is it boring? Whether you’re reading this because you’re already set to relocate to Canada’s capital or because an opportunity has come up but you can’t decide based on your knowledge. Here are a few things you should know about relocating to Ottawa before making your final decision!

Relocating to Ottawa – What You Need To Know: It’s Big

Ottawa is a pretty big place. If you’re coming in from a major city, the first thing you’ll notice is that the city planners went sideways instead of upwards. That is to say, unless you’re staying in the city, you’ll be doing A LOT of walking. In fact, it’s greatly recommended that you either invest in a bus pass or drive yourself to work. But it isn’t all bad, more space means less traffic! And if you like to bike, you’ll find 170km of bicycle paths to explore, all while being surrounded by lots of green spaces and parks! You’ll find yourself in the best shape you’ve ever been.

Relocating to Ottawa – What You Need To Know: Jobs Aplenty

Despite being outside of Quebec, there’s a good chance you’ll need to be bilingual (English and French) in order to work in Ottawa. It is the capital of the country after all! The biggest employer is the Federal Government, employing over 135,000 people. So expect many businesspeople in suits scurrying along the streets of Ottawa. Employment is no shortage either! Between 2015 and 2016,  almost 10,000 new jobs have been created, and it’s not slowing down!

Relocating to Ottawa – What You Need To Know: It’s Quiet

If you’re coming to Ottawa expecting a wild time, you might want to sit down for this one. Ottawa is a quiet, reserved, largely family oriented city. People here are more laid back and life moves at a much slower pace than other metropolitan cities. So while you will find a nightlife, it might not be as eccentric as yours back home.
The tradeoff is that it is currently ranked as the second best city in the Americas, behind Vancouver! If you ever need medical help, Ottawa’s healthcare is among the best in the country. And crime rates are lower on average than the rest of Canada.

Relocating to Ottawa – What You Need To Know: It’s Home

Don’t know where to set up until you find a place to settle down? Or maybe you’re someone who enjoys the flexibility of being able to just get up and leave with nothing more than a suitcase? CorporateStays has a wide selection of furnished apartments throughout Ottawa’s downtown core. Meaning you can get around with much less stress and discover the best that Ottawa has to offer in the process! Take a look at our Ottawa city page, discover what could be your next home and allow yourself to experience Ottawa properly.

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