Relocating? 5 Questions to ask your apartment rental company

It’s easy to be seduced by beautiful photos and tempting prices, but if you’re choosing a temporary home, you’ll need to ask these questions before making your final decision:

  • How safe is the neighborhood? A stunning kitchen, luxurious bed, and free WiFi are all well and good, but if you can’t walk back to your apartment after dinner out at a restaurant, or you have to worry about your possessions even when the door is locked, that’s a big problem. The rental company may not tell you outright, but do a little research on the area to see what others are saying.
  • What are the extra fees? This is a big one, especially if you’re thinking about an extended stay. It’s inevitable that there may be cleaning or parking fees, but be sure to ask about anything else that may be added to the bill. For example – will you have to pay for utilities? Is there a charge for extra guests? Can you get internet free of charge?
  • What other services are accessible during my stay? If you’re looking at a few companies whose apartments and prices seem pretty similar, then it’s worth asking about the extra services offered. Is there a concierge that can offer restaurant booking and discounts for a local spa? Can the company provide shuttle service from the airport or a driver during your stay? How about laundry, babysitting, or mail delivery?
  • Who is responsible for maintenance issues? If a bulb blows at 11pm, or your internet suddenly stops working before an important conference call, who is responsible and how do you get in touch with them. Companies that have a 24hr guest services team should be able to take care of problems like this quickly and efficiently.
  • How available is parking? If you’re bringing a car, especially to busy cities like Montreal or Miami, you’ll need to know if they can arrange a parking spot. And if not, can you get info or advice on where to park during your stay. An apartment with the best location in the city isn’t much use if you’re dragging suitcases for four blocks. If parking is tricky, ask about chauffeur services or public transport.



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