Ways to Refresh Your New Space

by | Jul 18, 2021 | Lifestyle & Tips

You live in an apartment or have just moved to a new space and feel a great need for a change. Follow these tips to refresh your new space. Just change your decor without changing your accommodation. 

Install Mirrors to Enlarge the Space


Nothing like mirrors gives the impression of expanding space, especially in an apartment. You can choose them in any style and color you want. You can organize one or more per wall, play with shapes, sizes, and more. Keep in mind that mirrors placed near the windows will diffuse more natural light into the room.

Multiply Green Plants


Green plants have the power to immediately make a space warmer and more natural. Simply by placing a few pots here and there. In terms of varieties, you have many options between succulents, evergreens, flowering plants, hanging plants, and climbing plants.

Compartmentalize Spaces


In an apartment, the division allows both to take advantage of different spaces. But also to get a makeover by modifying the interior appearance. To delimit, for example, the sleeping area, in which the bed is located from other spaces. You can opt for a screen, a curtain or even a shelf, which allows you to gain additional storage space.

Dare to Color


If the walls in your apartment are solid white, just adding a little color will give it a really simple makeover. If given the opportunity, repainting one or more walls will energize the space and make it more personal.

Colorful Decor


You can also go for colorful decor, cushions, rugs, and colorful furniture. Furniture with different color combinations will give a new life to your space. Attention, no more than 3 colors maximum so that the result is harmonious.

Improve Brightness


Brightness is even more important in an apartment, as it allows you to change the atmosphere of the room. The mirrors are of great help. It is also essential to multiply the lighting. A floor lamp, table lamps, one or more string lights.

Customize Each Room


To give an apartment a makeover. In order to refresh your new space, it is important to personalize it. So that the people who come in feel that the atmosphere and the decoration are like you. This includes the installation of some photos. Some memories, through frames, grid type photo frames, etc. Finally, do not forget to place the decorative objects that you like the most, statuettes, candles, vases, etc. in different places.

Install Rugs and Cushions


For the sake of the makeover but also of comfort. You owe it to yourself to put a rug in the main room. As well as some cushions on sofas and armchairs or consoles. If you have any, either in bed or on the sofa bed. This allows you to make the space more comfortable and personalize it at the same time, choosing colors and patterns that recall your decorating style.

Repaint the Furniture


For an inexpensive makeover, why not repaint the furniture? This allows you to change the mood without changing the furniture. At the price of one or two cans of paint you can put the furniture in the colors of your choose, depending on the decoration you have chosen.

Dress Up the Walls


Renovating your space means dressing up the walls, but not in just any way. Mirrors and photos are useful, but do not forget to hang the photo frames, photos or posters that you like and also shelves where to place decorative elements.

Rooms with Different Themes


No matter how many rooms are in your place, choose a different theme for each room. It will help you to refresh your new space. The theme can include different colored walls or assorted furniture – anything that makes you feel alive. It would be a refreshing experience when you move from one room to another.

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