If you’re on the road, whether that’s for business or pleasure, you might not have access to decent coffee. Or maybe you want to cut down, but still need the energy increase. Well, put down that cup of Joe, we’ve got a few mind and body boosting ideas that don’t involve a dark roast.
Try these and get more done, faster, without the jittery feeling or post-coffee crash (no Gatorade necessary).

Exercise for energy

You know it takes energy to exercise, but did you know it gives you energy too? Yup, it sounds counter-intuitive, but researchers have found that those who exercise are less likely to suffer from fatigue later in th day than those of us sitting in front of a computer and TV all afternoon. Check our your rental or hotel’s gym first thing in the morning and you’ll be set at least until lunch. If you need some more tips on exercising and staying fit while travelling we’ve got also got you covered !

Tweak your diet

We’re all familiar with that post-lunch slump and accompanying brain fog, which happens because carbohydrates release sugar into our blood supply, but as soon as you run out, it’s goodbye energy and focus. Think about eating protein and healthy fats like those found in tuna, egg, nuts and seeds, and olive oil.

Chew Gum

Believe it or not, chewing gum can increase alertness! This happens because chewing the gum increases the heart ratee, which increases blood flow to the brain. The activity also stimulates nreve fibres which also result in a small boost of energy.

Go Green

If you can’t cut out the caffeine completely, make the switch to green tea. If offers a significantly smoother energy increase, thanks to lower levels of caffeine, and also has the benefit of healthy antioxidants, so you can protect yourself from heart disease and some cancers while feeling more awake, happy, and concentrated.

Do all of these options sounds like more work than you’re willing to put in? Well, you’ll be glad to learn that good old water will enhance performance, alertness, and energy, plus it’s free, pretty widely available, and, aside from being a cure for fatigue, is generally really good for you  The exercise thing? Well, you can work up to that….

Power naps are also very energizing and it just so happens that our beds are particularly comfy – Do you have a furnished apartment to stay in when travelling ? Take a look at ours here !
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