Panama City Delights: Tips for Travellers

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If culture, history, fun, relaxation, and nightlife are all must-haves on your travel wish list, then a trip to Panama City in Panama is the right destination for you. Whether you’ve made it your holiday destination as a family, couple, or individual, you’re sure to find this vibrant city has something for everyone.

When you’re ready to book your flights and make your dreams a reality, consider any of these five travel tips below.

Head Off the Beaten Track

The hustle and bustle of Panama City can be invigorating and exciting, but sometimes it’s nice to switch it up to something a little more peaceful. Taboga Island, only a few miles from Panama City, on the mainland, offers just that. After a very short boat ride, you will be treated to breathtaking beaches, lovely architecture, and a host of activities to enjoy. Explore the village of San Pedro on foot, or enjoy the landscape while cycling or hiking. It’s the perfect spot for the perfect Instagram pic.

Enjoy the Market Experience in Panama City

Did you promise your friends and family that you would bring them back a gift? Are you looking to bring back a special addition to your collection of travel souvenirs? Or, perhaps, you just love to shop. Whatever the case, you will definitely find the market to fit your shopping preferences. You will find an abundance of markets scattered throughout Panama City. One of the most popular, for both tourists and locals, is actually within a YMCA building. Located near the Amador Causeway, it’s an exciting way to while away the hours.

However, it’s a good idea to do your research. What seems like a good product can often be a mass-produced item sold to tourists at a high dollar value. If you’re looking for something representative of your trip to Panama City, purchase a vibrant tapestry by indigenous artists.

Choose Your Accommodations Wisely

Panama City is a breathtaking destination, whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure. With the city being so beautiful, shouldn’t your accommodations? Instead of booking a crowded hotel, why not try to enjoy living like a local with a short stay in an apartment? Hotels are often surrounded by “tourist traps.” Apartments are often located in short distance to business and entertainment districts, which is where you are going to want to be. Enjoy the close proximity to your daily activities and discover some hidden local gems during your stay. And at night, you can lay your head to rest somewhere that actually feels like a home.

Feel free to browse some of our Panama City apartments to see what we’re talking about!


Experience the Panama Canal

Like we could possibly write an article about Panama City without mentioning the Panama Canal. This impressive man-made passage is a definite must-see. Watch the ships go by from the side on your own, or take a trip to the museum and viewing platform to learn about its rich history. And because of its economic importance, the Panama Canal is centrally located. You will certainly not have a problem finding your way there by public or private transportation.

Get Back to Nature

Once you’ve meandered down the many colourful streets, soaking up all the sights and sounds, it might be time to wind down before heading home. There’s no better way to do that than with a trip to the Gamboa Rainforest, for it will leave a lasting impression. Take in Panama’s pure history, visit the many public buildings, and view the rainforest with its many walking tracks and abundance of wildlife and birds. A trip to Gamboa Rainforest will give you a real appreciation for nature.

Every holiday is special, but a trip to Panama City can most certainly feature at the top of your list of most memorable destinations. Contemporary infrastructure sits boldly amongst historic monuments, and this eclectic mix allows for a photo opportunity at every turn. When you’re ready for your next adventure, choose your apartment, book your tickets, and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

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