Tips on Staying Healthy While Travelling

Frequent flying can wreak havoc on your health. As if the hectic schedules and jet [...]

A Neat Freak’s Guide to Staying Organized on Business Trips in Seven Steps

Between airplanes, shuttles or airport limousines, checking in to a hotel and a busy convention [...]

Money Tips for the International Business Traveller

Money mismanagement and ridiculous exchange rates are probably the most vexing issues people face during [...]

CorporateStays New City Profile: San Diego

Whether you’re travelling for work or for leisure, you’ll be pleased to know that through [...]

The Top Business Magazines Everybody Should Read

In a business world in which information is regarded as the most valuable asset, it [...]

CorporateStays New City Profile: Boston

Whether you’re travelling for work or for leisure, you’ll be pleased to know that through [...]

Work and Play: Five Tips for Working Remotely

The idea of working remotely (working while travelling, telecommuting, etc.) isn’t new. People have been [...]

The Team is Growing!

We are excited to welcome these new talented additions into the team! We strive to [...]

Tips on How to Pack Efficiently

The first challenge of any trip is deciding what to pack or leave behind before [...]

Case Study: How Realtors Can Make Money With

You already know is great for business travellers, but did you know real estate [...]

7 Tips for Stress-Free Business Travelling

Most people simply love traveling. If you made a pool vote of favorite hobbies there [...]

Best Gadgets for Business Travelling

With the ever-improving technological market, business travel has never been easier. It’s no secret that [...]

5 Easy Recipes you can Cook in your Furnished Apartment Rental

I’ll just come out and say it: Room Service is a bit overrated. Overpriced, and [...]

5 Successful Startups all Business Enthusiasts Should Know About

An incredible idea can change everything. It may take a gargantuan amount of time, effort, [...]

6 Business Travel Tips from An Entrepreneur in Montreal

Meet James La, an entrepreneur in Montreal. Coming from a Vietnamese family and having grown [...]

Breaking The Businessman Stereotype: Interview With A Young Entrepreneur

Nicholas Belliveau couldn’t look any more different than that. Welcoming us with a big smile, [...]

Relocating to Sao Paulo? The Best Nightlife Hotspots

Sao Paulo: Welcome to the city that really never sleeps! Put on your dancing shoes [...]

Business Women: Celebrating Mother’s Day When Traveling For Business

The thought of celebrating Mother’s Day away from your children as you travel for business [...]

The Best NewYork City Restaurants For Business Travellers

Photo credit: Ettible Photography  Think you’re a committed foodie? Well, you’d better be when dining out [...]

5 Business-Related Books To Bring Along On Your Next Business Trip

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or bus, on your next business trip, you’re going [...]

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