Not just business travel: Book a furnished apartment for these unexpected situations

Yup, you got us. We do generally put ourselves in the ‘Corporate Housing’ box, but that’s because it’s hard to explain that we do a little bit of everything! That our guests stay with us for more reasons that we can mention in a facebook or twitter post. But we’ll try to list some of the most common reasons people choose our luxury furnished apartments, because next time you find yourself in a similar situation, you’ll be well briefed and know you can just give us a call!


Business Travel: This actually covers a lot – from entrepreneurs scoping out a new city for a week, to employees who are in town for a six-month contract. We also welcome guests who have just been relocated, and want a comfortable, furnished home until they decide where, when and what they want to buy or rent in their new city. There are lots of reasons our apartments are perfect for this kind of traveller, including plenty of space (often with a dedicated workstation) a concierge service that can help organise transport and reservations, and in-suite laundry.


Vacationers: Our properties run the gamut from breathtaking penthouses to funky studios, and it’s the latter that prove most popular with people on vacation in places like Miami, Vancouver, and Montreal. Our completely free WiFi makes planning your trip on the go super easy, while the central locations means you don’t have to worry about getting to the good stuff – it’s right on your doorstep!


Movie makers: We hate to brag, but it’s true that a percentage of our guests are in the movie business (or TV/Music/Professional Sports), and love coming back to our apartments and suites after a long day on set.


Unlucky-in-love: While we hate to see a romance end, we are happy to be able to offer a comfortable, equipped place to stay to anyone who has to leave their current living situation in a hurry. When things haven’t worked out, the last thing you need to worry about is the price of a hotel room or buying a new bed for an empty rental.


Home improvement: Whether by choice (new floors!) or not (unexpected flood), life happens, and it’s not always possible to stay at home while repairs and construction are happening under your feet. The guests in this category (whose stays are often covered by insurance companies) love that they can leave everything where it is, and come stay in a fully-furnished apartment with a supportive team and all the amenities they’ll need in the interim.


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