Many people include travel as part of the New Year’s resolutions. It makes sense; travel enables you to explore and discover new things. You learn about the world and, in many cases, yourself. To help inspire your travels in 2018, we have put together some of the top travel trends for the year.

These are more than simply fashionable tourist destinations. With new, economical options for travel, and some destinations that may unfortunately disappear, these travel trends just might be the final push you need to pack that suitcase!

2018 Travel Trends: Eco-Tourism


Travellers are increasingly embracing the natural in our digitized world. For many travellers, the chance to unplug, and enjoy nature in all of its glory, is the perfect vacation. This is true whether it be the beauty of Arctic, the majesty of an old forrest, or a crystal-clear mountain lake. In cases like Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, nature lovers are looking to see the iconic destination in person before it succumbs to the ravages of climate change. “Last-chance tourism” is one of 2018 bigger travel trends, and it appears like it may be around for a while.

2018 Travel Trends: The Working Holiday


A digital world is a more connected world. This is a boon for travellers who want to be able to balance work and leisure. “Bleisure,” the extension of a business trip for leisure purposes, was one of 2017’s most popular travel trends. The 2018 update flips the idea: travellers on vacation picking up their laptops. This is not a family vacation ruined by overworking parents; the working holiday means that family can travel somewhere for an extended period of time. This means that the family can enjoy the perks of a longer holiday without worrying about work commitments.

For those with flexible telecommuting options, the working holiday means that they can take longer trips with the family, and enjoy the lifestyle in another part of the world. Maybe this means renting a chalet in Canada’s Mont Tremblant, or a chic flat in London. With a home away from home, you can complete your work day, and then go right back into vacation mode.

2018 Travel Trends: Become Part of the Celebration


Integrating into local cultures and lifestyles has been one of the more persistent travel trends of the last few years, and it is continuing into 2018. Those looking for an authentic experience in a new country are moving away from hotels, resorts, and “tourist traps” and are renting apartments, visiting farmer’s markets, and are trying to get closer to living like locals.

An excellent place to try this out in 2018 is Chile. This South American country was listed as part of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018, for several reasons. Chile has a vast array of geographical aspects in a relatively small area. There is the desert in the North, the wild of Patagonia in the South, the Pacific Ocean to the West, and the Andes to the East. In 2018, Chileans will be celebrating 200 years of independence. Why not rent an apartment in the trendy capital of Santiago and join the party?

2018 Travel Trends: Leave Your Comfort Zone


Leaving your comfort zone is one of the biggest travel trends of 2018. That sometimes mean literally travelling somewhere you may not have thought of visiting, even a few years ago. Detroit is one of those cities. This city has bounced back from its 2013 bankruptcy and has been injected with new life. It made Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list for 2018, which describes Detroit as “caffeine-buzzed,” and “freewheeling in ideas.”

Leaving your comfort zone could also mean trying something completely new. Maybe this is the year you try a fun activity like skydiving or swimming with sharks. Perhaps you finally accept your dream job in a completely new city. Whatever your personal travel adventure is; embrace it.

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