Welcome to Canada, a vibrant country that has come to embrace multiculturalism as part of its core tenets of identity and culture for decades. As one of the top ten highest ranking countries in the Human Development Index and well-known for its civil liberties, economic freedom, education, and quality of life, it’s no wonder that it has become a highly desirable immigration destination. Whether someone has decided to emigrate for work, study, or personal reasons, one of the most vital choices they will inevitably have to face is finding suitable housing in the city. For these instances, consider corporate housing as one of the prime candidates for any residential needs. As an increasingly growing trend in the hospitality industry, corporate housing offers up numerous advantages over the other options:

Guaranteed Quality

All corporate housing residences are guaranteed to be fully furnished and well-decorated, with all the modern, state-of-the-art appliances and amenities one would ever need. Quality living spaces ensure that any immigrant won’t have to deal with any unnecessary stressors from their furnished apartment – homes should always be places to relax in. Furthermore, with all apartments going through rigorous screening and having only the best being chosen for corporate housing, immigrants can easily avoid scams while looking for an apartment, something that can’t be said of going through sites like Craigslist or Kijiji.

Convenient Locations

Corporate housing always places guests in only the most convenient of locations, no matter what city. New immigrants can save time on commuting through the strategic locations of our furnished apartments, such as downtown. Additionally, it’ll be easy to get to know the neighbourhoods of the city with nearby public transportation options.


With numerous listings, anyone can take their time looking for an apartment that best suits their needs. Ranging from studios to 3 bedrooms or more, corporate housing gives the guest a wide range of options to choose from. Not only that, but guests can choose their length of stay with no pressure!


Last but not least, a quality furnished apartment can make anyone feel like they’re at home. Travelling to a new country can be intimidating and lonely, especially when someone is in a small, dreary apartment. Combat homesickness with well-decorated spaces of all different kinds of styles to suit any preference. Live in an apartment that feels like home.

Corporatestays.com is committed to helping newcomers settle into Canada with a passionate, multicultural team that can speak anything from English to French, Spanish, and Italian. We are committed to only the highest housing standards to ensure all our guests experience world-class accommodations and services. Consider CorporateStays.com your one stop shop for Canada with over 3,000 apartments in 20 major cities across Canada – and we’re only growing. We offer travellers a more affordable yet luxurious stay in their chosen destinations, as well as concierge services to make any move into our apartment even easier.

Here’s a look at some of the many housing options you’ll receive at CorporateStays:



Harborview – $88 – $121 CAD/night

Blue Jays Way – $103 – $260 CAD/night


Bryon Suite – $70 – $540 CAD /night

Le Parisien – $80 – $580 CAD/night


Encore Suite – $91 – 228 CAD/night


Marina Apartment – $107 – $288 CAD/night


Choosing CorporateStays.com isn’t just about picking a place to stay. We strive for only the perfect all-around housing experience, providing comfort and care to all guests.

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