6 Smart Ideas That Create Larger Spaces

by | Nov 19, 2020 | City Guides

There are many great ways to make an apartment bigger, but also stylish. Foremost, it’s important to avoid clutter and use items that open up a space. For example mirrors, light linens and textiles. They create a cozy atmosphere and enlarge your home simultaneously. Corporate Stays apartments are thoughtfully designed with this in mind. With furniture and home decor provided by Casa Suarez, here’s a list of 6 smart ideas that create larger spaces in our signature collection apartments.

1. Break up dimension with mirrors

A popular hack to create larger spaces is to utilize mirrors. For example, place a mirror across a window to reflect natural lighting and open up a room. They have the ability to break up dimension and enhance wall space in an aesthetically pleasing way.

2. Furnish with glass surfaces

Similarly to mirrors, glass surfaces enlarge spaces.  For example, a glass dining table is an ideal option for an apartment. It will visually expand your dining area with the help of lighting reflected from the windows.

3. Compliment with textiles

Textiles compliment an apartment, but also make it bigger. It’s easy to transform an area by adding a rug that has colour or a pattern. In addition, make sure to place the rug slightly under a piece of furniture. This way the rug will bring together the different furniture and create a sense of good proportion.

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4.  Choose multi-purpose furniture

To avoid having an excessive amount of clutter, resort to multi-purpose furniture. For example, choose a coffee table with extra shelving, or a stackable side table that is easy to move around. Multi-purpose furniture serves well in any space, being big or small.

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5.  White Linens

White linens make light bounce around the room. There’s nothing quite as timeless or inviting as fresh white. A simple shade, that enlarges your space and makes it so luxurious at the same time.

6. Pouf it up

Poufs add an extra touch to your space. They’re easy to move around and are very versatile. Whether you want to use them as a chair, a footrest or an additional tabletop, poufs are the perfect addition to your area, that won’t take up a lot of space.

By using these smart ideas it’s easy to create a larger and aesthetically pleasing space, regardless of it’s square footage.

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