Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up on Monday, October 9. Families will be getting together to enjoy some wonderful food and company as the fall weather sets in. However, unlike the winter holidays, Canadian Thanksgiving is a shorter holiday: a long weekend. This can make getting home for the holiday difficult when you are working in a different city.

Fortunately, the workplace has evolved over the years. There are a few ways to get yourself home for Thanksgiving with sacrificing productivity. Read below to see our top tips on balancing life and work when going home for Thanksgiving.

Work remotely


For many roles in the modern workplace, all you need to work is a laptop and an internet connection. Take advantage of advances in technology and work remotely. For companies with a “work from home” policy, there is not a great difference of what city “home” is for the day.

In some cases, your company may even have an office in your hometown. Working out of that office for a few days will not only give you the opportunity to visit family, but you will be able to truly connect with your long-distance colleagues. Helping the work-life balance while simultaneously improving employee relations? Sounds like a win-win to us!


Find somewhere to work


While staying with your parents while in town may seem like the economical option, it may not be the most conducive environment to working. While a hotel room may seem more private, security concerns surrounding the free Wifi offered at many hotels can cause hesitation.

If you like the idea of working at home in your pyjamas, choosing a corporate housing provider, like Corporate Stays, will ensure a proper environment for the working professional.

Prefer an office environment? Breather offers workspaces for individuals and groups in several major cities around the world. Enjoy a desk to yourself for the day, or host a meeting in one of their available rooms. If you often find yourself working out of different cities, wework may also be a great option. They have offices around the world, with an on-demand plan allowing members to work out of various cities.



Find a way to travel that supports work


For many, a lot of the stress of leaving the office for a holiday comes from the transit time. On an airplane, or when driving, there is sometimes a lengthy period of time where individuals are disconnected from their network.

Fortunately, as technology evolves, so has travel. Via Rail, in Canada, offers free Wifi and power outlets to travellers so you can work while travelling. In terms of speed, many train routes are roughly the same speed, if not quicker than driving. And that is without considering that most train stations are located in the heart of downtown, without the need to contest with traffic!

For further distances, where flying becomes a must, consider timing your flights to maximize your time being productive, and minimize the disruption to your workflow. If you’re a sound sleeper, an evening flight might be the right ticket for you!

The right apps will keep you connected


As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, having the right apps will help you to manage your time and projects. Basecamp is a fantastic project management app, while G Suite by Google Cloud will allow you to make long-distance calls over Hangout with an internet connection.

If you are travelling out of your normal timezone, set up dual clocks on your devices. Not only will it help you to manage meetings, it will take the math out of timing your phone calls. Managing social media profiles? Buffer and Hootsuite are the two top applications to help you schedule your posts in advance. (And even come with a helpful reminder of when to post to Instagram!)

Visiting family and friends is an important part of a work-life balance. These tips should help to reduce any work-related stress over the holidays and ensure to maximize time with loved ones. Only booking your trip now? Get in touch with us, and we can set you up with a fantastic apartment.

Happy Holidays!



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