How to Make Friends When You’re New in Town

Oct 11, 2013 | Lifestyle & Tips

Making new friends can be difficult as an adult, when it can seem like everybody’s dance card is already full. Making new friends can be especially challenging after a move to a new and unfamiliar location, but an essential part of becoming comfortable in your new home is meeting people and making friends. To help you out, we have gathered our best tips and suggestions on how to make new friends when you’re new in town!

Try something new

Whether it’s learning a new language, cooking classes, or even dance classes, chances are there is something you have always wanted to learn how to do. Moving to a new city or even a new country gives you the perfect opportunity to join that class you’ve always wanted to take because it will give you the chance to meet new people.

To use Montreal as an example, French classes are a great way to meet people while improving your French, an essential part of feeling at home in Quebec. Otherwise you can easily sign up for a sports team, a yoga or dance class, or so much more, depending on what direction your interests lie.

We love this website for meeting new people when you come to a new city. With meetups all over the world, it is easy to join and to start getting out of the house and experiencing new things with new people.

There are two ways to use the platform, you can search available meetups for your interests and join an existing meetup group, or create a meetup of your own. Making your own meetups will cost slightly more, but it can be fun if you are interested in striking out on your own.

In the Montreal area there are hundreds of existing meetups for all kinds of interests, there are outdoors and hiking groups, foodie clubs, movie watching hangouts and more. We suggest trying something out of your comfort zone. You might just surprise yourself and open yourself up to new possibilities!

If you are living in a new country, check out your embassy events

If you are new in town and in a new country as well, it is a good idea to check in with the embassy or consulate in your city. They will be able to point you towards groups and events already happening in your city where you can meet other expats. For instance the US Consulate in Montreal posts news and events of interest to American expats in Montreal on their Facebook page.

General tips on making new friends

For many adults, making new friends is a skill they have to learn from scratch. In college or high-school, making friends came naturally as you were thrown together with many different people of the same age and with similar interests. As an adult, it can seem harder to find people that you click with who are even interested in cultivating new friends. That is why it is important to make learn the skills of making friends.

Remember to remain upbeat and open. Not every meeting will mean a new friendship, but you can’t let that get you down, chalk it up to practice with your new skill of making friends. A good way to keep yourself open to new friendships is to practice active listening, reminding yourself to ask a lot of questions and listening to the answers. Finally, just try to enjoy the process, having fun is really the whole point.

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