Toronto is synonymous with business in Canada. With many of the nation’s largest headquarters in “The Six”, all roads lead to Toronto. So when you inevitably end up in TO for work, here is where to have yourself a successful Toronto business meeting.


Toronto Business Meeting #1: Know The City

A popular misconception about Toronto is that it’s all just more of the same. The truth is the city is broken up into a selection of very distinct boroughs. Know your client before meeting up with them. East York keeps it business focused, while North York is a bit more business casual. Scarborough leans more towards the casual side of the spectrum as well. Now that you know the city, let’s book a spot!

Toronto Business Meeting Tip #2: Find The Right Spot

Toronto has an extremely diverse set of options when it comes to meeting places. Gauge the business meeting appropriately beforehand and know your audience. Location goes a long way to creating the perfect environment for closing a deal. And there are a ton of locations that cater to specifics, but as a general rule of thumb, stick to a place that offers what anyone would want. A big trend in Toronto right now is “Coffee Bars”. ODIN Cafe + Bar has both coffee and wine on the menu, meaning less last-minute panic looking for a spot that accommodates a multitude of clients!

Toronto Business Meeting Tip #3: Quiet Locations

If a public space is a distraction for you as it is for many people, you’ll be pleased to know that Toronto has a plethora of bookable business meeting rooms throughout the city! Check out this extensive list for a ranked selection of some of the best offerings in the Toronto. Environment goes a long way to including the success or failure of a Toronto business meeting, so make sure you’re choosing the right one!

Toronto Business Meeting #4: Keep it Corporate

While it’s great to say all of our CorporateStays buildings are located in key locations, it actually does make a difference! Being a few blocks away from your meeting spot means you get more time to prep beforehand. It also means that if you lose track of time, you’ll be in way less of a rush, and cutting down on any stress can only help your business game. Take a look at our Toronto locations!
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