We all know that traveling takes prep, and there’s nothing worst than losing luggage, being stuck in airports overnight, and living out of a suitcase. Here are a few essentials that will make future business trips a little more bearable…


Communication: It’s absolutely out of the question and out of character for anyone to leave their cellphone in their luggage, but you’d be surprised how many people forget their charger. Even worse, some places have very few sockets, so if you’re stuck in an airport or on a train without a way to power up your phone, you might miss that vital phone call from a client or your boss. Try out something like the Incase Portable Power 5400 from the Apple Store. It can keep your portable devices charged when you have no other way to do so, and it uses USB, so if you’re stuck without your charger, you won’t be left with a dead Blackberry and fuming clients.


Oral Hygiene: Just because you had to eat an in-flight meal or had a nerve-calming cocktail or two in the air doesn’t mean your business associates want a blast of Garlic Penne and Johnny Walker the minute you shake hands. You may not get to check into your hotel before heading to a big meeting or conference, so what can you do to keep your smile bright and your breath smelling like a mouthwash mojito? Start with the basics; keep a handy portable toothbrush like the Colgate Wisp, floss sticks, and travel size antiseptic mouthwash in your carry on. Whitening gum or some Altoids will do in a bind, but you’ll still give off a hint of funk unless you brush.


Facial Hair: You know how fast that shadow creeps up on a guy, and if you’re traveling to a warmer locale, you’ll be feeling like Wolf-man by happy hour when all the important networking’s happening. A multi-tool shaver will give you the best chance of eliminating fast growing stubble or fixing wonky sideburns before a big interview or meeting. The Phillips Click & Style is a trimmer, shaver, and body groomer with a lightweight, sleek design and battery operation so you can have an express shave in the back of a cab if you have to.


Hard Copies and an Agenda: Everyone has become so attached to their smartphones that we often forget the a lot of people’s phones or tablets get lost, stolen, or die when on the road. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have a good agenda or datebook that can also hold important documents or your passport. Try the Buxton Zip Around Portfolio for organizing paperwork or a day planner like the Day-Timer Portable 2-Page-Per-Day Planner Set so you can keep your flight numbers, hotel reservation codes and contact info somewhere that you can readily access them in a bind.


A Good Watch: Time is everything, and when it comes to crossing time zones, you need to be on the ball the minute you land. Having a dual time zone watch like the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M GMT Goodplanet has the right amount of class for wear with business attire while keeping you posted on the time where you are as well as at home – no one wants you to wake up the wife by accident!


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