City adventures in Medellin are second to none but everyone needs an escape every now and then. There is certainly no shortage of things to do in the city; dance clubs, tourist attractions, festivals, and dozens of museums to experience. But what some travelers may not realize is that just outside the city there are other great destinations to check out; these are called “pueblos”. Below you will find a list of the best 3-day trips in the area; from sleepy villages to the biggest city around!


This is a very popular destination among the locals of Medellin. Just a few miles away, this pueblo offers a retreat from everyday city life; instead visitors are surrounded by lovely nature, rolling hills, and lakes galore. There are a variety of activities to do such as various boat tours, small intimate dance clubs, and sight-seeing that includes architecture. If you decide to venture to this pueblo, make sure you take the boat tour to see Pablo Escobar’s vacation home.


This vivacious city is just a few miles away from Medellin. While it is not the city to escape urban life, this city still offers some great tourist attractions and shopping malls that travelers in Medellin should take advantage of. Spend the day at the Gold Museum (click here for more details) or browse other art museums in the area. Some festivals to look out for while in the area are the Iberoamerican Theater Festival and the Avenida Septima festival. Shopaholics will love browsing the shops in the Centro Andino mall.

Santa Rosa de Osos

Travelers who enjoy seeing different types of architecture will fall in love with this pueblo. Known for its beautiful churches, Santa Rosa de Osos is only 90 minutes from Medellin; the perfect escape from the city. All of the church-seeing will work up an appetite; when it does make sure to head over to El Portal de la Capilla for a gourmet meal.

Santa Fe de Antioquia

Although it is considerably warmer, this pueblo has many similarities to Santa Rosa de Osos. Both offer classical architecture to aesthetic enjoyment. Stop in the plaza for a nice lunch; if it gets too hot feel free to jump in one of the dozen or so public pools.

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