Family Activities You Should Do During your Trip to Kanata

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Kanata is one of the largest suburbs of Ottawa, but there are so many things to do and see. If you´re relocating to Kanata or you travel for business purposes is likely to bring your family. Many companies encourage their employees to consider spending more time with their families while working out of town. So, if you can do it, don’t let it pass by you.

It was a joy for you to bring your family on your trip to Kanata, so you can create a schedule to spend time together, but when duties do not allow it, they don’t have to stay at the fully furnished apartment in rent all day, they can plan a lot of activities to do in Kanata, which don’t have to be less fun for them.

Kanata offers a unique experience to family travelers. You’ll never be bored in the city. From indoor to outdoor activities, there’re so much to enjoy because of all the things this amazing community has to offer.


Your kids will love riding the slides


Kanata has a recreation complex that offers entertainment for all ages. But we’re sure your kids will love to slide from the toboggan hill. Open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7:30 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm, you can find recreation programs like fitness classes, summer camps, and social events.


If you are in Kanata with your family must go to one recreation complex.
Taken from WestOttawa


If you are relocating to Kanata, this complex is the perfect place to meeting people and making friends. The toboggan hills are the best in the city, so you and your family cannot miss out on this fun activity, especially in winter.


Plan a tour of Kanata parks


As a city with rural and urban areas, Kanata has a lot of parks. You don’t have to go far when you want to get that fresh pine smell. Plan a day strolling around the most popular nature attractions: Shirley’s Brook Park, Morgan’s Grant Woods, Shetland Park, Allenby Park, and The Kanata Park Research Family Centre.


South March Highlands Conservation Forest


Located at Kanata North, South March Highlands Conservation Forest is the perfect spot to explore Ottawa’s natural biodiversity. Take your family and stroll in this splendid landscape. It’s a popular hiking and mountain bike place.


South March Highlands Conservation Forest is the perfect spot to explore Ottawa's natural biodiversity.
Taken from Ottawa


Entertainment Centrum


It’s a shopping center that offers a wide variety of fine and casual dining. So, if you are looking for a casual and leisurely stroll, spend an afternoon in Centrum. There are several dining options and service shops like spas and grooming centers. In the evening, you can watch a movie at the movie theatre.


Diefenbunker Museum


If your kids love history, you cannot miss visiting the underground bunker converted into a museum. The Diefenbunker Museum offers activities and events for kids, including:


  • The Spy Camp, The Art of Espionage: in this camp, your kids will know a spy becomes a spy. They will have fun while, as a spy-in-training, they get a deep dive into all aspects of becoming a world-class secret agent.
  • Easter at the Bunker: it’s an activity for all the family, where you’ll explore the bunker with a unique twist on the typical Easter Egg Hunt.


Watch a Hockey game at Canadian Tire Centre


Live an exciting activity with your kids at Canadian Tire Centre, watching a game of the Nation Capital’s NHL team, the Ottawa Senators. Also, this center host several and for all tastes events, from shows on ice, concerts, to theatre performances. Click here to check the schedule.


Don't forget watching a game of the Nation Capital's NHL team.
Taken from Ottawapropierties


Kanata is a city for all the family. So, if you go to Kanata for business or pleasure purposes don’t forget to bring your family and if you want to make the most out of your stay don’t forget to choose the best executive rentals in Kanata.

At Corporate Stays, we recommend you to house at The Apogee building’s apartments that offer you the relaxing serenity of surrounding green spaces with the convenience of city life.

We hope all these options can make you and your family’s stay at Kanata an unforgettable experience!

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