Somerset Grand Central Dalian
Somerset Grand Central Dalian, Jinma Road, Jinzhou District, Dalian, Liaoning, China

    Perched on the Liaodong Peninsula and framed by the Yellow Sea, the major city and seaport of Dalian has made a name for itself as one of China’s livable cities. Manicured trees line the hilly streets flanked by futuristic-looking skyscrapers and early 20th century architecture that spin tales of the city’s historical past with the British, Russians and the Japanese.

    Located in the heart of the bustling city is Somerset Grand Central Dalian, a serviced residence dedicated to make our globe-trotting guests feel at home. The serviced residence sits squarely on Jinma Road, right in the middle of the city’s Development Area’s central business district. A variety of business, cultural and entertainment hotspots are conveniently located around the residence’s vicinity.

    The stunning Golden Pebble Beach is about 20 kilometers’ drive away and guests will be pleased to know that the serviced residence is easily connected via about 1 kilometers’ drive from the light rail system to downtown, about 16 kilometers’ drive to the hi-speed railway station and about 25 kilometers’ drive to Dalian’s Zhoushuizi International airport.

    The city is also known as ‘A City Built in Gardens’ for its numerous lush green squares, lawns, forest parks and picturesque water fountains. While the city’s beautiful features and seascapes are a breathtaking draw, it is a real cultural treat to visit the historic port of Lushun, where old battlefields and cemeteries remain to serve as a reminder of some of the city’s most turbulent days.

    For food, guests are able to either opt to dine in, cook their own meals with ingredients sourced from the WalMart Supermarket located about 1 kilometers’ walk away, or take a stroll down Jinma Road where numerous eateries and restaurants lie. Alternatively, the Ansheng Shopping Mall also located just about 1 kilometers’ walk is home to a smattering of gastronomy offerings that will satisfy even the fussiest of palettes.

    After a day of exploring the beautiful city, retire to Somerset Grand Central Dalian to refresh yourself. The serviced residence is fitted with apartments in a variety of sizes to cater to travellers of the well heeled. Guests can choose from a range of apartment types and services to customise their stay at our residence.

    Building Facilities

    Conference Room
    Fitness Centre
    Steam Room


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