How to Cozy Up Your Balcony This Summer

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Lifestyle & Tips

Decorate your balcony for the summer. You might not have a garden, but you do have a sunny balcony. If the summer season is approaching, it is not too to put it in the spotlight in order to enjoy a pleasant space of relaxation. Here are some tips to cozy up your balcony.

A Nice Balcony for Summer


No matter what the size of your balcony is? You can make it a nice and comfortable place very easily. You can add green plants, decorative accessories and chairs or armchairs. This will give you a comfortable place to rest and enjoy beautiful summer days.

Do you like colors?

Go for a sparkling style by mixing your favorite shades.

Do you like more traditional decoration?

Choose wood furniture and softer colors. In any case, you will inevitably find ideas that will allow you to arrange the balcony of your dreams.

Do It Yourself


If you are a handyman and love DIY, there are many design ideas you can find to cozy up your balcony. For example, you can recycle a pallet in a vertical garden. Use an old frame to grow succulents. You can also make cute lanterns by recycling tin cans or painting flowerpots. There are so many possibilities. They will allow you to create the pretty balcony of your dreams, whatever your budget. Do not hesitate any longer and get started.

Plants for a Green Balcony


We recommend placing plants all over the place. For a sunny balcony, you can opt for Mediterranean plants. Lavender, Santolina, Rosemary or even Helichrysum, these will resist heat perfectly. It will allow you to enjoy a scent of the holidays.

Cover Sun Exposure


For a balcony less exposed to the sun rays, prefer heather earth plants. Skimmia, Japonica or Wintergreen will be great choices. If you want enough space to create a small vegetable garden, do not hesitate to install one on your balcony. You can grow small fruits and vegetables while vegetating your outdoor space.

Armchairs or an Ottoman for More Comfort


To enjoy your balcony in fine weather, do not hesitate to add pretty seats. You can choose between an outdoor armchair, a giant pouf or a small deckchair. Side chair, you can choose one of these pretty rattan models. This will give your balcony a particularly trendy bohemian and vintage touch. If you prefer something more casual, don’t hesitate to opt for a giant pouf. You can then relax there to enjoy the sun or read a good book. Finally, those who want a seaside atmosphere on their balcony can install a nice deckchair. Very affordable, this fabric and wood deckchair will be perfect to give your balcony an air of summer vacation.

Decorative Accessories


You can add lights and other decorative accessories to your balcony. For accessories, We advise you to play the card of accumulating cushions and rugs. In particular, you will easily find nice outdoor rugs, in most home decor stores. These parts have the advantage of being resistant to water and sun.

Textiles for Decorating your Balcony


Putt cushions on a small bench or on your chairs. This will create a much warmer atmosphere. Finally, to dress a floor that is a little too cold, opt for rugs. Indeed, you will find rugs specially designed for the outdoors in all decoration shops. Whatever the style of the decoration of your balcony, you will inevitably find a model made for you.

Lighting and Many More


You can also choose an outdoor light string. Very trendy in its black version with large bulbs. It will allow you to enjoy your small balcony after dark. Finally, do not hesitate to decorate your balcony with potted plants. They will indeed allow you to have the impression of being in a real garden. Best of all, if your balcony has too many views, they’ll create some privacy. You can hang them from your railing. Install them in large pots on the ground. It will certainly help you to cozy up your balcony. It’s yours!


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