Corporate Stays Is Now Accepting Crypto Currencies

by | Jan 4, 2021 | News & Company Updates, Travel

It’s only the first week of the new year, and Corporate Stays is already implementing new and exciting changes. The company is now accepting crypto currencies  such as BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, POLKADOT, THETHERUS, CARDANO AND TEZOS. 

Clients have been able to pay for their rent using a secure credit card payment gateway or via PayPal for a while now. But the world is ever-evolving and Corporate Stays understands the importance of adapting to the new forms of digital payments. The shift to digital forms of currencies is inevitable and it brings clear advantages in terms of financial inclusion and access. “Failing to adapt to these payment methods can cause inconvenience for our guests and lead to a missed opportunity. It can also compromise our growth in the medium and long term, and we do not want to do that.”  says CEO Vladimir Suarez. 

 With crypto payments, there is no reason for currency exchange, which also carries fees. This way Corporate Stays will be able to aid and reach its wide range of international guests that are seeking a home away from home. In addition, Corporate Stays’ clients that use crypto currency will be confident that their sensitive information is secure. Crypto payments are highly encrypted, therefore the identity of those involved is practically impossible to extract. 

Benefits of Crypto Currency

1. Transactions

During the transaction, there are only 2 parties involved. There are no brokers, agents or other parties that can add complications. It is a simple transaction.

2. Secure

Crypto currencies are a secure. Guests can rest assured their privacy is secure and their information will not be exposed at any time during or after the transaction.

3. Avoid fees

One of the greatest advantages of crypto currency is the lack of fees. If you engage with a third-party management service to maintain your wallet, some external fees can be implemented. Nonetheless, they are nothing in comparison to the transaction fees that are imposed by financial institutions.

4. Stress-free International Trade

Exchange rates, interest rates or other international transaction fees do not apply to crypto payments by specific countries. Cross-border transfers and transactions can be performed worldwide without barriers that come along with currency exchange fluctuations.

These new instruments of exchange will allow people from all around the world to access Corporate Stays’ products and services. By accepting crypto currency, the company will attract a new demographic, oblige its existing clients and adapt to the new normal in payments.

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