Canada is a very diverse nation, filled with cities and travel destinations that can vary wildly in terms of landscape and culture. There’s truly so much to discover all across the country, from New Brunswick to British Columbia, and now you can see parts of almost every single province in Canada while enjoying the comforts of home. How is that? Well, Corporate Stays has teamed up with Canada’s best in class housing providers, letting you comfortably stay in some of Canada’s most bustling cities at an affordable rate.

Corporate Stays is truly excited to be working with Obasa Suites, Rhodehouse Suites, Roseman Corp, Killam Properties Inc, Moore Suites, Whistler Platinum, and Les Suites Victoria to offer you elegant furnished apartments all throughout Canada. Committed to the same level of quality that Corporate Stays upholds, each of our new partners offers lodgings tailored to the needs of every traveler.

Discover some of Corporate Stays’ new destinations and the partners that made it possible by reading more below.


Saskatchewan’s best cities are yours with Obasa Suites

Established in 1882, Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, is a city rich with Canadian history. Paired with the Regina’s commitment to creating quality works of fine art (music, theater, dance) and the vast amounts of dedicated green spaces found throughout the city, Regina is the ideal spot for business and pleasure travelers alike. To fully experience all Regina has to offer, Corporate Stays has partnered with Obasa Suites to give you a selection of suites located right in the downtown heart of the city. Discover one of Canada’s oldest metropolises, with all the comforts of home.

Want to explore another city in Saskatchewan while you’re in the province? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Obasa Suites also offers furnished apartments in Saskatoon too. Only a few hours drive will take you from the province’s capital to its largest city, with a luxuriously furnished apartment awaiting you thanks to Obasa.

See Obasa Suite’s Saskatoon Listings Here

See Obasa Suite’s Regina Listings HereRegina City View


See all the sights of Saskatoon with Rhodehouse Suites

Enjoying a trip to the”City Of Bridges,” otherwise known as Saskatoon, has never been easier or more enjoyable, thanks to Corporate Stays new partnership with both Rhodehouse Suites. You’ll be able to explore the largest city in Saskatchewan from nearly anywhere in the urban area, as the large selection of furnished apartments provided by Rhodehouse are now listed on the Corporate Stays website, just waiting for you to check out. No matter which apartment in Saskatoon you end up choosing, both Rhodehouse upholds a high standard of excellency in regards to their lodgings, so you’ll be traveling in luxury regardless.

See Rhodehouse Suite’s Saskatoon Listings HereSaskatoon City View


Discover Calgary & Winnipeg with Roseman Corp

Quickly becoming a new urban hub within Canada, Calgary is a booming Canadian city with tons to offer any traveler. Alberta’s largest metropolis is filled with tons of quality restaurants, bars, clubs, parks, and captivating natural landscapes, making any visit to Calgary nothing short of memorable. With so much to do in Calgary, it’s important you have time to unwind and relax during your stay, a task made easy with Roseman Corp’s furnished apartments. Offering suites in Calgary’s most happening neighborhoods, you’ll be steps away from excitement and comfort throughout your stay.

See Roseman Corp’s Calgary Listings HereCalgary City View

Ever had a “Schmoo torte”? What about a “Flapper pie”? If you’ve never visited Winnipeg, probably not, because both are signature dishes created within the capital of Manitoba. Both are an example of the unique food culture of Winnipeg, but don’t think the city only has attractions that will appeal to foodies. Home to a variety of festivals (Festival du Voyageur, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Jazz Winnipeg Festival, Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, and more) and historical sites, Winnipeg is filled with a variety of engaging attractions. You can eat, play, and learn to your heart’s content when in Winnipeg while staying in an elegant furnished apartment, all due to Coporate Stays’ collaboration with Roseman Corp. Each and every lodging is fit to meet (and exceed) the needs of any traveler, no matter which Roseman Corp. apartment you choose.

See Roseman Corp’s Winnipeg Listings HereWinnipeg City View


Gatineau is yours to enjoy with Les Suites Victoria

Experience French culture without having to take a trip to Europe by visiting Gatineau, Quebec. Sometimes overlooked in favour of Quebec City and Montreal, Gatineau has just as much to offer any traveler in terms of food, nightlife, culture, and attractions, ensuring an exciting stay. But no matter what your reason for visiting Gatineau, whether it be for business or pleasure, you will have plenty of quality apartments to choose from during your stay. Les Suites Victoria has partnered with Corporate Stays to offer any and all visiting Gatineau a variety of spacious living spaces designed to ensure your comfort.

See Les Suites Victoria’s Gatineau Listings HereGatineau City View


How about Halifax? See the city in luxury with Moore Suites

There’s no better time to take a trip over to Halifax than in the summer, when the waters surrounding the Halifax Harbour gleam and the city is bursting with beautiful green. Nova Scotia’s capital is known for its captivating natural settings, but don’t forget Halifax is also home to a bustling arts and culture scene, with plenty of museums and historical landmarks to discover. See both sides of the city and stay at one of the many furnished apartments offered by Moore Suites . Offering apartments throughout Halifax, Moore Suites is the answer to affordable and luxurious lodging when staying in Halifax.

See Moore Suite’s Halifax Listings HereHalifax City View


Winter or Summer, Whistler is yours with Whistler Platinum

Many believe Whistler to only be a winter destination, and with the amazing hills to ski hills to ride down it’s hard to refute that fact, but Whistler is still an amazing locale to visit in the summer too. The landscape only becomes more pleasant during the warmer months when you can bike all around Whistler (and down the mountains, if you’re looking for something a bit more extreme) and truly enjoy the outdoors. Staying comfortably in the west coast town of Whistler is only a click away, as Corporate Stays can now give you access to an array of chalets provided by Whistler Platinum. Situated right near the mountains withgorgeous views of Whistler, each chalet is the perfect combination of modern and rustic.

See Whistler Platinum’s Whistler Listings HereWhistler


Enjoy the Ocean in Victoria with Victoria Stays

A view of the ocean from an amazing apartment is yours to enjoy, now that Corporate Stays offers quality furnished apartments in Victoria, courtesy of Victoria Stays. From seaside suites to fancier abodes located in Victoria’s mansion neighborhood, every lodging offered by Victoria Stays will ensure your stay in Victoria will be altogether amazing. Visiting the capital of British Columbia has never been more alluring.

See Victoria Stays’ Listings HereVictoria B.C


Travel to 4 amazing cities all with Killam Properties

Discovering the beauty that is the province of New Brunswick has truly never been more accessible. Now that Killam Properties has partnered with Corporate Stays, you can easily find a fully furnished apartment in the cities of Saint John, Moncton, and Fredericton. Three of the most traveled-to destinations in New Brunswick, each city offers a different cultural experience particular to its placement within the province. Common to all is the level of comfort you can enjoy in all three cities, and Killam Properties ensures all of their apartments are outfitted with every modern convenience.

You’re also not limited to the province of New Brunswick, as Killam Properties also offers the same level of comfort from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, Halifax. Enjoy the full splendor of the Maritimes and book rooms in both provinces with Killam Properties, the best way to enjoy the summer season in Canada’s beautiful eastern landscapes.

See Killam Properties Saint John Listings Here

See Killam Properties Moncton Listings Here
See Killam Properties Fredericton Listings Here

See Killam Properties Halifax Listings HereSaint John New Brunswick

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