Business Travel in Style

Nov 8, 2013 | City Guides, Lifestyle & Tips

Getting dressed for a day at the office is one thing, but preparing for a trip (especially if that trip involves travel in the economy section of a plane) and doing it in style is another. Follow our tips to remain classy and composed no matter where your business takes you.

Looking good

Too many travelers opt for comfort over style when traveling. Here’s a secret – you can have both – go for layers with soft knits, comfortable pants like chinos or jeans (no sweats allowed until you hit the gym, ok?) and a great pair of easy-to-remove shoes in suede or soft leather. Looking stylish is also about what you carry – a classic leather travel wallet can hold passport, tickets and other essential documents, while a roomy weekend bag (check out Sandstorm Kenya or Maxwell Scott) can eliminate the need for a bulky suitcase. A stylish traveler can fit all they need into one bag – trust us!

Travel Smart

In the airport, join the other business travelers in the know and pull up a comfortable chair in the elite executive lounge. Most have a bar, food, business news on flatscreen TVs, and WiFi so you can work while you wait. On the plane, You can make even the longest flight bearable with a stylish flask (we love the “Lux” flask from Neiman Marcus – you’ll have to fill up after security check), a warm wool blanket, and some noise-canceling headphones. Conditions are going to be as dry as the Sahara, so both ladies and gents, you’ll need a good moisturizer, lip balm, and eye drops if you want to arrive looking fresh and polished. For women who want to step off the plane fully made up, go for a hydrating tinted moisturizer and cream blush, and you’ll strut into arrivals glowing and fresh-faced (don’t forget those sunglasses.)

At your destination

If you’re traveling in style you may want to opt for a limo from the airport, but for something a little more understated, UBER.com has a great app that connects you with a driver in seconds, and all payment and reservations are taken care of via your cellphone. Fully equipped, corporate apartments are also a great choice for the business traveller who wants to take advantage of a high quality kitchen, living room and personalised concierge services (ask yours to stock the refrigerator and get fashionable city recommendations, hot tickets, and restaurant reservations.) The freedom of your own apartment with the service of a world-class hotel – what’s not to love?!

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