With the ever-improving technological market, business travel has never been easier. It’s no secret that travelling can be a hassle – whether it’s trying to find a good Wi-Fi spot in the terminal or charging up, there’s likely a piece of tech that can help you with that. Maximize your time and productivity with our recommendations for the best gadgets to travel with.


Mophie Powerstation Plus Charger

This sleek and compact power kit is only slightly larger than the size of a business card holder but has enough energy to charge any of your mobile devices on the go. We’re in a time where it’s easier to be more mobile, in which case a way to recharge these devices is a must-have. The cables are built into the powerstation and can be stored neatly away inside it, so portability and having to deal with a tangle of cables is not a problem. Best of all Mophie is able to charge 2-4x faster than a normal smartphone charger, making it incredibly useful for those hectic days.


EatSmart Precision Voyageur Luggage Scale

No one likes unexpected overweight baggage fees and those normal bathroom scales can be a hassle to use for luggage. Luckily both of these problems can be easily fixed by this lightweight and portable luggage scale. By simply clipping it onto the handle of your bag and lifting, it automatically measures the weight of your bag and instantly displays it on the built-in screen. It can weigh luggage up to 50 kilograms, but is very light itself so can be packed away for your return trip. Never worry again about the problem of overweight luggage!


Trakdot Luggage Tracker

If losing your luggage is one of your greatest travel worries, then Trakdot is the perfect gadget for you. This tracker monitors the cellular network to determine its city location when it lands, confirming and notifying you on its location by text message or email. It can be linked to multiple devices and works internationally so long as a cellular network exists. Don’t worry about it taking up space or weight either – it’s completely portable.


Tile – Bluetooth Tracker & App

So once you’ve got your luggage tracked, you’ll want to ensure your keys, wallet, and other valuables are taken care of. When you’re moving around a lot, it’s easy to lose track of where you’ve place things. Tile is a handy tracker that attaches to your items and allows you to use Bluetooth to “ring” the Tile gadget and track it down. Once you install the app and connect it to your Tile devices, you can either make it ring loudly or check the map to see the item’s last known location. Trying to find your phone? Tile also has a desktop app that you can access in case your phone is the one that’s missing.


Kensington Combination Laptop Lock

As much as we may want to trust the people around us, the fact is items are stolen every day, especially from unsuspecting tourists. If you’re doing business travel, chances are your laptop is your lifeline and one of your most valuable assets. This lock gives you peace of mind whenever you need to be away from your laptop for a moment to order a cup of coffee and greet a colleague. Protect your laptop with a combination lock wherever you go, whether you’re working in a local coffee shop or a packed conference room!

Once you have all your gadgets, you can maximize your hassle-free travels by booking your own furnished apartment.

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