Meet James La, an international entrepreneur. Coming from a Vietnamese family and having grown up in Montreal, James was always interested in discovering new cultures. Traveller of the world, James has done business in many countries. His new company, Niucoco, offers a variety of high quality natural haircare products and is just about to launch. He agreed to share some of his travelling tips, while away for business.


1. Get a rewards program and pick your carriers of choice. You’ll love the fact that after a certain point, your points accumulation will give you access to upgrades before you know it. There is nothing better than thinking that you’re going for a 14-hour economy flight and suddenly get upgraded to business!


2. When you are on your business trips, always make sure that you take into consideration your accommodation location, the amenities and how you can efficiently get around. If you have multiple meetings, one of the best things is to have them conducted in a hotel/establishment that reflects the standards that you want your client to perceive. The last thing you’d want is to lose one because you didn’t want to pay the few extra dollars per night in staying at the right place.


3. Travel light. Ideally, if you can stick everything into a carry-on, you save an abundance of time waiting in line for customs, luggage, taxi lines, etc. or even the risk of just losing your luggage due to a connection flight.


4. Prep your luggage for effective removal and don’t just shove everything into your luggage. When comes the time having to take it out, you won’t have to look for your things.


5. If wherever you are travelling to for business is going to be a regular thing, spend some time getting to know the place, including your transferring airports. You’ll find comfort more quickly. The more familiar you get with that place, the easier it is for you to get through them and be efficient with your time.


6. Make everything convenient to put on/take off. When you go through security lines, sometimes, you’re forced to take your shoes off. There is nothing more annoying than having to untie your shoelaces, have them scanned and having to wait for them on the other side of the x-ray machine to tie them up again, especially if they are tight designer shoes. If you used a shoehorn to put them on before leaving the house, chances are, you’ll get even more annoyed at the security check.


If you want to learn more about James and his new company Niucoco, check out his social media accounts:
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