An incredible idea can change everything. It may take a gargantuan amount of time, effort, and resources, but eventually it can become the next hugely successful startup. For the business world, startup stories are both interesting and helpful in terms of learning about the next big thing that can change corporate life. If you’re a business enthusiast, these 5 successful startups are not only helpful for your own business, but have great stories attached to them!


With the proliferation of smartphones, it’s important for a business to have a handy app for its clients and customers. Instead of having anyone going through an entire process of designing and creating, DWNLD makes creating an app for a brand easy and simple. For just $15/month, DWNLD generates an app based on the web content you import and allows the creator to customize the interface with different templates, fonts, colours, and rich media for their perfect app. Founded by Fritz Lanman and Alexandra Keating in 2012, it quickly grew and raised $2 million in seed funding by 2014.dwnld app


AdRoll helps businesses turn their customer data and consumer behaviour into a highly efficient marketing campaign. With AdRoll, companies can retarget their products and services for cross-platform advertising. Businesses of any size are able to sign up for AdRoll, and their system and technology ensure that you do not overpay for ad space. Since its creation in 2007, AdRoll has grown to employ 467 people and worked with advertising networks including Google DoubleClick, Facebook Exchange, and Twitter to name a few.


In 2009, the company Uber was created and has essentially been changing the way people move and travel in the city. Using their own smartphone, consumers request a ride to a location, are presented with a price, and pay conveniently through their phone. The quick transaction and simplicity of the process, as well as a feedback system about the individual drivers, has made Uber highly successful at an estimated worth of $50 billion.


Matching business travelers with handpicked luxury corporate apartments and executive suites in various cities around the world, CorporateStays allows for a convenient and customizable way to stay in a city without having to go through the hassles of a hotel room. After subletting their own apartment to go travel, founder Vladimir De Suàrez realized the potential of the corporate housing market industry and eventually created CorporateStays in 2008


BrandYourself is a free way to optimize and control what people find when they attempt to search for you online. This allows for individuals to improve their search results and manage their reputation on the online world. This company was created after one of the co-founders realized that he was being mistaken for a drug dealer of the same name on Google, and could not afford an expensive reputation company to solve it.

Startups are fast growing and continually being created. Something new and incredible may just be around the corner!

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