Whether you travel on business once a year or every three weeks, you want to make sure you’re getting the best experience you possibly can. So here are five insider tips to getting an upgrade on a business trip. Some are more obvious than others, yet require a reminder, others might surprise you!

Business Trip Upgrade Secret #1: Ask Nicely

Travelling on business has a tendency of bringing out the worst in people. But if you don’t let the stress of travelling dictate how you interact with airport staff, or anyone for that matter, it can go a long way! Speaking from personal experience, showing up at the airport late is strenuous and can ruin your whole day. However, you are mad at the situation, so don’t take it out on airport staff. Speaking in a friendly tone, asking nicely, and treating everyone with respect can mean the difference between you making your flight with seconds to spare and spending your hard earned money on a new ticket!


Business Trip Upgrade Secret #2: If You Have A Title, Use It!

It’s a little known fact that judges, ministers, doctors, and pilots often get a “nudge” in the right direction. You worked hard for that title, so why not take advantage of the little perks! Don’t have a PhD? No problem, tell a restaurant you’re a food blogger, and they’ll make sure you have a wonderful above-par evening.


Business Trip Upgrade Secret #3: Celebrate… Anything!

Whether it’s your birthday, your name day, or the anniversary of the day you bought your first car, it’s a cause for celebration! As social creatures, humans can’t help but want to bolster enthusiasm, so the more excited you are about whatever grandiose or minute event you want to celebrate, the more likely you are to draw in a staff’s attention!  


Business Trip Upgrade Secret #4: Just Tip

If you find yourself in a city on business for an extended period of time and have become fond of a particular bar or restaurant, you can quickly become a short-term regular. A sure fire way to guarantee there’s always a table for you or that the bartender always has a drink ready when you need it is simple – tip! It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, but a solid 20% will have your every whim taken care of.


Business Trip Upgrade Secret #5: CorporateStays Always Has Your Back

When you book a furnished apartment part of the CorporateStays Signature Collection around the world, your benefits get better and better. You’ve found the perfect apartment that fits your budget. Upon arrival however, you can ask about a free room upgrade! It is subject to availability, but CorporateStays makes sure you are getting the best possible experience. Want an easy upgrade? Stay with CorporateStays!


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