Visiting a foreign city for work can be fun, but it can also be lonely. Even more so during the holidays, whether you celebrate them or not. So what is a business traveller to do while away from home? Here are 5 secrets for business travelers to a successful holiday alone!

Secrets For Business Travelers #1: Explore the Unknown

Henry Ford said that “anyone who stops learning is old.” Being in a new city gives you the opportunity to explore the unknown and b adventurous. All out CorporateStays apartments are conveniently located within walking or driving distance from the best attractions Canada has to offer! Staying in Quebec City means you can visit the famous Quebec Aquarium, home to over 10,000 animals and 300 species. Visiting Ottawa allows you to take advantage of the famed Aviation and Space Museum. And you can’t forget to pass through Montreal‘s Museum of Fine Arts for a tour of one of the highest acclaimed museums in Canada.


Secrets For Business Travelers #2: Cook Yourself Your Favourite Meal

You’re on your own, so spend some time with you. One of the benefits of CorporateStays apartments is that you get your own personal kitchen. So pop open a bottle of wine, set some background music, and cook yourself that one meal you always want but never carve out the time for! All the essential cooking goodies are ready to go and at the end you just pop em in the dishwasher to do their thing while you enjoy that awesome meal! Don’t know what to make but enjoy cooking? Here’s a recipe for the best lasagna, courtesy of VICE.


Secrets For Business Travelers #3: Take A Dip In The Pool

Start the day off with a swim! Studies have shown that swimming keeps your heart rate up and boost endorphins which relieve stress. Not to mention it’s a lot of fun! Best of all most of our CorporateStays apartment buildings come equipped with a pool which our guests get full access to. So start your day off right and get swimming!


Secrets For Business Travelers #4: Hit Up A Hot Spot

Every city has it’s tourist traps, and then it has the spots even locals swear by. Obviously you can’t trust everything you read on the internet, a bit of detective work is required. That’s all been taken care of! You can check out the official CorporateStays YouTube channel and find the Hot Spot video that’s custom tailored to any of the buildings in our Signature Collection. We’re always adding more Hot Spots, so keep an eye out for insider restaurant, coffee shop, and shopping recommendations!

Secrets For Business Travelers #5: Try Something New

Okay, so you have time for yourself, you’ve seen all the sights that interested you, now what?Groupon is a fantastic way to find deals on everything from cooking classes to hiking tours. Best of all is Groupon’s offerings are filtered by geolocation, meaning if you’re in Toronto, you’re getting the best deals in Toronto.



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