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Newport Bluffs - Building

100 Vilaggio Orange County United States
0 Reviews

Prepare to be charmed by the quaint atmosphere of Newport Beach, an undeniably attractive area of California that'll leave you wanting to come back again and again. Paired with the picturesque Newport Bluffs building, you'll be ready to tackle any project or just have the ultimate vacation experience. Take a dip in their resort-style pool, get active in their 24 hour fitness center, or soak up the sun in a private cabana and relax. Your apartment is guaranteed to be equipped with everything you'll ever need, including an amazing kitchen which allows you to release your inner master chef. Take into account the place is also pet-friendly, and you're ready to enjoy your trip to its fullest. Soak up the life changing experience of your very own fully furnished apartment while you travel by staying at Newport Bluffs!

The minimum number of nights for this building is 14 nights.


Whirlpool Jacuzzi
Tennis Court
Steam Room
Fitness Center
BBQ Area

3 Bedrooms
Private Balcony
Air Conditioning

1 Bedroom
Private Balcony
Air Conditioning

2 Bedrooms
Private Balcony
Air Conditioning


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