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CEO and founder of Corporate Stays, Vladimir de Suarez came to the luxury furnished housing industry quite organically. With his only job experience being mopping the floor at dunkin’ Donuts, De Suarez started his first business in university, organizing parties in Paris. After studying in Mexico, De Suarez moved to Montreal and started at HEC. The idea for Corporate Stays germinated after, while vacationing in Spain, he put an ad to sublet his apartment on Craigslist. He received a response offering 400$ per week, instead of the 400$ per month that he was advertising for. Realizing an untapped opportunity in the short-term rental business, De Suarez began by renting out several apartments while sharing a flat with a friend. The business grew organically for several months, until De Suarez realized that working with a corporate clientele translated into a more steady business and a real opportunity for growth. After shifting his focus on B2B, the company really started to flourish, with a new Toronto branch opening just one year later. Soon after Corporate Stays opened in Ottawa, Quebec, Vancouver, and then internationally in Miami and Panama. As the company continues to expand, De Suarez brings his love of travel and entrepreneurial flare to the daily running of the enterprise while remaining accessible to his clients and his team.